Lifetime Members

1998 Kevin John “KJ” Tandoc – by Rich Amparo
Kevinjohn “KJ” Tandoc’s humble contributions to Barkada has brought many “firsts”. He was instrumental in bringing Cal Poly its first credited Pilipino Cultural Dance Class. His presidential term yielded Barkada’s first executive offices on campus. His love and pride for the Barakada “family” inspired young leaders to follow suit resulting in the youngest ever executive board following his term. Even after his presidency, KJ remained heavily involved with Friendship Games, PCN, A-Board, and much more. It’s because of all this that the Executive Board of 1997-1998 deservedly bestowed the first ever “Barkada Life Time Membership” award.

1999 Richard Amparo – by Angie Tiangco
I met Rich during Summer Bridge 1996, as my student advisor. He would always go the extra mile to help me study during class or in the dorms. I’ll never forget how nice and humble he was (and still is!). Rich shed some of the doubts I had in joining Barkada. If it wasn’t for him steadily convincing me to go to the first meeting in the MPR, I would’ve had a dull college life. Above all, Rich Amparo is a good friend. He knows how to listen and console a bad day. Congratulations to you as the Barkada LifeTime Member! Thank you for your leadership, your close friendship and all the good times!

2000 “Magic” Jo Sunga – by Jharvis Licera
Jo Sunga was chosen as a lifetime member because of his dedication to Barkada and its members. Having experience in theater, Shakespeare competitions, and television commercials Jo contributed greatly to the success, participation, and attendance of Barkada’s annual PCN.
Attending classes and acting in plays held by EWP, Jo shared his knowledge to bring the best out of every actor. Using improv exercises or method acting to portray characters allowed actors to interact with the audience in a very real way.
Barkada wouldn’t have benefited without Jo inviting others to experience the joy of performance and the satisfaction gained by putting on a good show.

2001 Iris Paras Magboo – by Archie Cerdenola
Iris was one of the most inspiring and well respected members and presidents of Barkada. She involved herself whereever and whenever she could and always put forth every effort to be successful. She has seen the club through the best and worst of times. Even after graduating, Iris has been a great role model for new executive board members. She has been able to guide the newest of leaders with a soft tone and her vast knowledge. Iris’ good will and caring support for a club she joined, lead, and believes in is how she was recognized as a lifetime member.

2002 Dom Ayonon – by Cicero Delfin
Under his guidance and care, Dom Ayonon really brought back the Pilipino culture to the organization. Not only an advocate for Barkada and Pilipino culture, Dom was also highly active with the Asian & Pacific Islander Student Center, and his legacy can often be seen in the center through articles about the API Theatre Group to the API Mural which he himself was involved with the creation of. Due to his immense spirit, pride and his leadership as president, Barkada was capable of many great things, including the achievement of Barkada’s first SPUF award from Friendship Games.

2002 Gaillord “G” Ramos – by Cicero Delfin
‘G’ Ramos is a pleasure to have around. Never an executive board member, G was always more than willing to take on duties any great e-board member would do. Well rounded in all aspects, G put in a lot of time, effort and care to ensure that great events like Sportsfest and PACN were both successful and fun. With his busy schedule, G will always find time to grace us with his presence at the organization’s many events to show his true love and pride for Barkada and his friends.

2003 Marvin Tabangay – by Brian Carramanzana
This member was one of the many Barkada members that did his part for this organization. Already making his presence from the start, he was able to put Cal Poly Pomona Barkada on the internet with a website. From Historian to President, he showed us his leadership that he could run the club and then his final year at Cal Poly as Academic Chair to obtain his degree and to show that education is fun. Even after graduating, Marvin Tabangay has shown his utmost support and love for this organization that we enjoy. We thank you, from all Barkada members.

2004 Theodore Zulueta Magboo – by Archie Cerdenola
Teddy was one of the most inviting members and also one of the most diligent executive board members of Barkada. During the years until he graduated he was an active advisory board member who was willing and able to offer his knowledge and past experience to members and e-boards. That includes his expertise in organizing and running football for Sportsfest and dances for PACN. Teddy’s devotion to and love of Barkada led him to continue assisting the e-boards that followed after he graduated in whatever way he could. It was his caring way of teaching and passing on of information that Teddy was chosen as a lifetime member.

2004 Cesar Sangalang, Jr. – by Archie Cerdenola
A member since his freshman year, Cesar was always very involved. As an executive board member he helped organize and improve Barkada including writing amendments to the club’s constitution to change the e-board to its form. As a proactive advisory board member Cesar helped Barkada evolve with changing times while bridging the gap between old and new members. Always willing to help when help was needed, the club and its e-boards could consistently rely on Cesar for advise and guidance in all aspects of the club. He has always had a passion for not just the club but the members and this was his claim to lifetime membership.

2005 Andrew Obnial – by Eric Ang
Andrew Obnial has had an extensive Barkada career. It first started with a 20 dollar fee and his love to be involved. He served in the Advisory Board from 2000-2001. In addition, he also served as a PACN co-coordinator. Oh, and by the way, those excel sheets that are used in Sportsfest to track the scores, yup 100% pure Obnial. In 2001-2002, Andrew wanted to be even more involved. He served as Culture Chair on the Executive Board. When he was on E-board, they took home the SPUF award. In the years of 2002-2003, Andrew served as Barkada Vice President. He was also the chiseled-chested Singkil prince. Andrew is a true inspiration, embodying what a lifetime member is. Even as alumni, he has served Barkada as both an advisor and friend. In the years following his college career, he served as a PACN director in 2004-2005 and was one of the founders of Barkada Modern. Andrew is truly, one of the greatest Barkada has ever had.

2005 Albert Tampi – by Eric Ang
Albert Tampi, or “Bot” to Barkada, has showed the club what excellence is. He accomplished most of his accolades through humility and servitude, a great inspiration for others. He first started as a Sportsfest Volleyball Coordinator in 2000, but continued to 2003. In 2002, he joined the Executive Board as Historian. In the academic term after, Bot was elected as Academic Chair in the term 2003-2004. During his term, he also served as Pilipino Graduation Co-Coordinator, created the fist Barkada and PACN DVD and organized the first Kevin Ho Kuya/Ate Pool Tournament. When his term was over, he also served the club as an alumni. He organized pNotes, Barkada’s acapella ensemble during 2005-2007 with their famous song “May Bukas Pa.” Bot was also the inspiration for “Joe” in the 2005 PACN “Average Joe”. He received his well deserved Lifetime Member award in 2005 along side Andrew Obnial.

2006 Cicero Delfin – by Mike Pedro
As a freshman, Cicero would help out with the Barkada Entertainment Company and would eventually work his way as the B.E.C. coordinator the following year. After Cicero’s first year on the Barkada Executive Board he decided to run for President and reluctantly ran again as the first person to have two consecutive terms as President in 2003. After Cicero’s second presidency in 2004 he was instrumental in founding Barkada Modern and pNotes, Barkada’s very own dance team and performing Choir. Cicero’s impact on Barkada today cannot be measured by a single year but rather a lifetime of memories and the friendships of those who continue to look up to him as their role model and seek him for advice. Cicero Delfin was chosen as an honorable Barkada Lifetime Member in 2006.

2006 Brian Carramanzana – by Mike Pedro
Brian Carramanzana was the Barkada treasurer for two consecutive years from 2002-2004. During his tenure as treasurer, Brian revolutionized his position and invented new ways of organizing Barkada’s accounts. In addition to his treasuring duties, Brian also helped out during Sportsfest and now has a handy knowledge of what goes on during the months of planning.As a Barkada alum, Brian organized and chaired a committee who planned a bowling tournament called “Bowl 4 GK”. Through this new platform, Brian has elevated the name of Barkada as he continues to give his wisdom towards the development of the next wave of Barkada leaders. Brain was chosen as a Barkada Lifetime Member in 2006.

2007 Archie Cerdenola – by Greg Vera Cruz
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2007 Jocelyn Oliveros – by Greg Vera Cruz
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2008 Eric Ang – by Brian Carramanzana
This fellow here showed what really means to be “Barkada” by inducing the pride into the members. Being part of Zeta Phi Rho from his freshman year, he finally set his place on Barkada during his fourth year in Cal Poly Pomona. As Culture Chair, during the 2004-2005 term, Eric was able to learn and outreach the Filipino culture to other organizations, and in-turn provide our club the sense of culture we needed. Of course there’s always that bump in the road, but Eric was determined that bump was going to be the hill that Barkada was going to conquer. That “hill” was the PACN production of “Average Joe,” that Eric was very proud to have made. A somewhat controversial PACN that dealt with the Muslim culture, Eric was able to collaborate with MSA (Muslim Student Association) to give him and the club a full understanding of the Muslim culture. During that time, he was a force to be reckoned with when it comes to “rallying the troops” together. And till this day he’s still a force. Every year he gets to be called in to provide inspiration for the members whether it’s for Friendship Games, PACN, etc. In the end, he is Barkada pride. We’re very proud of him to be apart of Barkada, and he loves Barkada so much that he’s got Barkada tattooed on him for life.

2008 Mike Pedro – Erin Manalo
Mike Pedro epitomizes inspiration. As a student and an alumnus, his passion for Barkada and Filipino American culture was and is contagious. Starting out as a supporting actor in Average Joe (PACN 2005), he went on to be the lead actor in May Bukas Pa (PACN 2006) and an influential acting director in Brighter Days (PACN 2007), utilizing his experience with Asian Pacific Islander Theater Group (APITG). In 2005, he established and chartered the Agbayani Educational Committee which spurred annual trips to Delano to learn about the Filipino farm workers’ struggles. While working at Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) after graduating, Mike brought Veteranos to a cultural workshop to tell their stories of WWII and their current battle for full equity, not only educating attendees but inspiring them as well. As one of the original members of pNotes, he often offered his garage as a place to practice, taking up the role of director during 2007-2008. As Sportsfest Basketball Coordinator for two years, he led the daunting task of filtering through 30 teams’ scoresheets to set playoff brackets for 16 teams. Under his presidency, Barkada won its fourth SPUF trophy, starting Barkada’s second back-to-back championship. During 2006-2007, along with Erika Lim (USC) and Erik Esguerra (CSUF), Mike set the framework to resurrect the Southern California Pilipino American Student Alliance (SCPASA). As a role model for many, Mike has advised Barkada formally as a retreat facilitator and informally through the friendships he has established. Mike will always be known for his drive for excellence, his fun-loving nature, and his distinct laugh.

2009 Greg Vera Cruz – by Anne Soliguen
A past Sports Chair (’06-’07) for Barkada E-Board and a past Culture Chair (’07-’08) and current brother of the Filipino fraternity, Chi Rho Omicron (XPO), Greg has been sought out as one of the most inspiring leaders for many Barkada members. As Sports Chair, he brought Sportsfest to a whole other level with “Game On”; introducing bowling to the sports list and being a mentor for future Sports Chair leaders. With his talks to help you get pumped up during Sportsfest, Friendship Games, and PACN, and empowering speeches to get you motivated to learn about your culture or to make a difference within the club, it’s no wonder so many look up to him. With his involvement in XPO, his strong will and determination has made such an impact that influenced more Barkada members to join the brotherhood; starting the slowly, but surely, collaboration process and membership within PASK (CPP’s Pilipino American Studies Kollective) and Barkada. He has helped with the Advisory Board in planning events and was chosen as one of the retreat facilitators to help guide the ‘07-‘08 and ‘08-‘09 Barkada E-Boards. His continuous passion for the Pilipino culture and love for the club even after his time on board, and even after he graduated, has left a lasting impression on those that know him. This is why Greg was honored as Barkada’s Lifetime Member of 2009.

2017 Michael Belicano

2019 Pia Radaza