Alumni Picnic/Banquet


Every Year, an Alumni Picnic is held where Barkada Alumni can come out and meet up with old friend, make new ones, and reminisce. Every five years however, an Alumni Banquet is held, turning the usual get together into a grand event where alumni from all years come out to meet old and new friends; getting to do things like watch CDT performances, among so much more!

With this being the 35th year of Barkada’s existence, we will be holding an Alumni Banquet! It will be held at the Bronco Student Center at Cal Poly Pomona, in Ursa Major. The theme for this year’s banquet is “The Story of Barkada”

Also, we want to start having more records of Barkada’s older history, so we will be creating a “Vintage Barkada” page for history/information on Barkada from ten years or beyond! If you have notable/valuable information about a certain time in Barkada, we will be having something for you to note that so we can add that to the page. The idea of this page is to give members, current and alumni, a sense of self, to know the history of the club they are a part of and to give previous members something to look back on. So feel free to bring up that information the day of!

Date: Sunday April 19th, 2015
Address: 3801 W Temple Ave, Pomona, CA 91768
Time: 12pm-3pm
Arrive: 11:30am
Parking: Will be reimbursed; $3 to park in C-Lot (Staff Lot)
There will be an official flyer coming up soon with all the information and I will be getting that out as soon as I can.
RSVP: As soon as you can, that way we can ensure enough food for everyone. Feel free to bring a guest and please RSVP for them as well.

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