Attention all new and returning Barkada Members! KAA Reveal is on September 26 Wednesday 6-8pm, at the pancakes in the quad.
MEMBERSHIP FORMS ARE OUT! Fill out the forms to join us on exclusive fun! 2018-2019 MEMBERSHIP FORMS!!
Hello Barkada!!! Want to hang out with Barkada over the summer? Do you want a new car? $5000? A vacation? If you said yes to any of these questions,
Hey SCPASA! Water you doing on August 25th? Hopefully we’ll get to see you at our Annual SCPASA Beach Day: Hang with S-SEA-PASA at Huntington State
  Kuya/Ate/Ading Reveal last week paired the new Legac-E class with their kuyas or ates. The anxious adings waited patiently on the APISC l
It is 5am and the first wave of members starts pulling into C lot for carpools. The air is still frigid and the sun has yet to rise. More member
  In this workshop, we'll be discussing the issues that members of the LGBTQ+ community face and examine the different perceptions that the Fi
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