Executive Elections are this Thursday! Be sure to come out during u-hour to watch speeches. AND if you didn't vote earlier or know you'll miss Thursda
Be sure to purchase your tickets soon! Ticket prices will be raised June 1st to $50 for Single's Bid and $80 for Couple's Bid, so get your money in so
This year's Barkada EOTY is happening at Royal Vista Golf Course! Single's bid for banquet is $40 and a couples bid is $70 with an Oscar's theme! With
Good job with PACN Barkada! We hoped you enjoyed experiencing 5 months of work being performed on stage and got to bond with everyone you were with al
The day is fast approaching! May 16th! See who "We Are" at our 25th Annual PACN hosted by Cal Poly Pomona Barkada! Be sure to get your tickets and sel
It was great to reunite with old friends and Barkada fam, and to meet people too! Check out the photos from today here!
Be sure you're going to practice and learning your dances! Things are about to pick up as the day comes, run throughs are coming!! Don't forget to sel
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