Barkada Band

Barkada Band allows members to express their musical talents through modern musical instruments and hope to also learn and perform using traditional Philippine instruments.  Ever since its initiation in 2006 by Joel Soong, Barkada Band has performed at Barkada’s Got Talent, Barkada’s End of the Year Banquet, Barkada’s Pilipino-American Culture Night, Lunar New Year Festival, Pilipino Graduation, Academic and Community Excellence Awards Banquet, and Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

2017-2018: Bronas Brothers
2015-2016: Dits and Ticks
2014-2015: Ctrl + Shift + n
2013-2014: Julia and the Bang Bros
2012-2013: Two dErections
2011-2012: The Adobo Addicts
2010-2011: Intangible Fantasy
2009-2010: Signal Flow