Hey SCPASA! Water you doing on August 25th? Hopefully we’ll get to see you at our Annual SCPASA Beach Day: Hang with S-SEA-PASA at Huntington State Beach! Tis the sea-sun for perfect beach weather & good company . More info and details coming soon, so be sure to stay updated on this event page, as well as our Instagram! (If you aren’t already following it, follow us at @scpasa )

Our event will be the same time as Cal Poly Pomona Barkada’s SUMMER LUAU Event! Be sure to come out and support your fellow organization
This will be a POTLUCK EVENT, so we request that each organization attending to bring food that can accommodate 10-15 people! Also don’t forget to bring recyclable bottles/cans for easier clean up. Let’s keep our beaches clean, y’all

Questions? Contact:
Kamille Magante – 714 497 6026
Angie Ubaldo – 323 337 6012

Events Calendar Up and Running

Hey Barkada!

Feel free to check out our new Barkada Events calendar on the right side of the home page. The majority of the dates are set as of right now but please keep in mind that dates are subject to change. As the executive board updates their calendar, this website calendar will be updated as well, so make sure to stay tuned in!

Also, feel free to click the events that you would like to follow and add them to your personal google calendar! If you would like to follow Barkada’s google calendar, click the link below:

Barkada’s Google Calendar

Kuya/Ate/Ading Reveal



Kuya/Ate/Ading Reveal last week paired the new Legac-E class with their kuyas or ates.

The anxious adings waited patiently on the APISC lawn to find out who would be their  Kuya or Ate.

They have been waiting over three weeks for the surprise to be revealed to them. Some even spent hours going through Facebook trying to figure out who their possible “big” could be.

The “bigs”on the the other hand were also exited to surprise their little, some even exited to meet them for the first time.

Many “bigs”also went to great lengths to make a gift box for their new ading.

It was finally time. The clock hit 12:00 and the event finally began.

Everyone was separated into what they later found out were their families for this year.

There was Legacy Fam, GG Fam, Childish Fambino, 2illigit2quit Fam, Calimansi Deez Nuts Fam, and Down and Dirty Fam.

Now, in there respective families, the family heads passed out playing cards to each member. If the cards had a matching number and suit then those two were “big” and “little” for this year.

The “big” gave their “little” lunch and the bonding process began.

Check out the photos on Barkada’s Fickr Page:

Events that are coming up for KAA bonding this month are Family Games (Nov 13)  and KAA Night (Nov 20)

Stay Tuned for more updates.



Barkada Goes to Friendship Games

Scan 3

It is 5am and the first wave of members starts pulling into C lot for carpools.

The air is still frigid and the sun has yet to rise.

More members join as time passes and they start to make conversation with what could be their next best friends. They talk about their excitement and the model outfits they put together.

Music blasts loud over a car speaker and everyone begins to sing a long and even line dance.

This was the seen last Saturday before Barkada arrived to participate in the 30th Annual Friendship Games.

6am arrives and the cars start to head on in a caravan to Cal State Fullerton. Along the way the caravan hit a snag in traffic and sat through it for almost 2 hours in what should be a 20 minuet trip.

Eventually we they all made it to Fullerton anxious to SPUF.

Before they made their final approach to the games, the Cow Costume, a costume bestowed upon the member that showed the most hype and SPUF and hype nights, was awarded to first year Janine Raymundo.

Barkada then made its final approach to the games shouting “SPUF SPUF SPUF IT UP, KEEP BARKADA’S SPIRIT UP”.


Friendship Games Info Night

Thanks guys for coming out to our Friendship Games Info Night!. If you could not make it yesterday thanks okay! We will be going over all the games and chants again next week at Hype Nights which Monday-Friday next week at 6pm.