The registration packet for Sportsfest XXII is now available!!! If you're interested in playing in this year's Sportsfest, please download the pack
Missed Barkada over break? Come to Barkada's first general meeting for the winter quarter and find out the upcoming events in the near future. Contact
Are you talented but have no audience who will watch you or listen to you? Are you tired of singing in front of your mirror? Are your house pets g
It's that time of year again! Before everyone goes home to spend Thanksgiving with their families, celebrate one last time with your Barkada family!
Have you heard about the legendary Barkada Modern? Have you ever aspired to be on an amazing dance team? Did you ever desire to just learn a sick r
Now since you have your Kuya, Ate or Adding, come hang out with your new Kuya, Ate or Ading at Chuck E Cheese!  Play some games and eat some pizza! S
Barkada Fall General Meetings are no longer in building 1. Meetings are still every Thursday at U-Hour. See you there with more room than ever! New
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