Be sure you're going to practice and learning your dances! Things are about to pick up as the day comes, run throughs are coming!! Don't forget to sel
Save the Date, May 16! CPP Barkada's 25th annual PACN is coming up! Be sure to come out to practice as the day fast approaches. Also be sure to sell y
Good games at Sportsfest everyone! Way to Strive for Glory! Check out the photos of Sportsfest Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3!
It's time to Strive for Glory everybody! Come out to Sportsfest and see what it's all about! You can also check out the photos from Sportsfest here! T
Sportsfest is this week everyone! For those of you participating in sportfest, check out the schedule list here! Just use the bottom tabs to find your
Study hard for finals everyone! If you need a place to study, come out to Study Sessions this week! You'll get a ticket for next quarter's raffle if y
Are you an alumni? Are you a member that wants to meet alumni? Come to Alumni Banquet on April 19th and meet old and new friends! Check out the Alumni
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