Barkada Constitution

Article I: Preamble
Section 1: PURPOSE – General

Barkada exists for the betterment of the California State Polytechnic
University, Pomona Associated Students, Inc., as a whole.

Section 2: PURPOSE – Specific

Barkada is a group of people whose aim is to promote recognition and
better understanding of the Pilipino culture at the California State
Polytechnic University of Pomona Campus and the surrounding
We intend to achieve our aim through:
1. Promoting the Pilipino Culture through various media
2. Social interaction among members, the campus community, other
educational institutions, and the community at large
3. The encouragement of achievement in academics
4. Athletic participation in the Cal Poly campus and wherever the
challenge arises
5. Exchanges of ideas with people of all national backgrounds

Section 3: Nondiscrimination

Barkada shall not be discriminatory in terms of race, ethnicity, religion,
color, age, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, gender,
physical or mental ability, marital status, financial or social status.

Section 4: Title IX

If a case of Title IX is reported to board, these will the actions taken:

1. In the event that the issue is reported to our executive board, we will provide them with different options and resources that the survivor can use such as the ones listed below

2. With the survivor’s permission, the Barkada executive board can explain the survivor’s situation to the Title IX office to get further support and a wider array of options and resources. Through the involvement of the Title IX office, a thorough investigation will be executed to seek into the matter, and measures can be taken to help the survivor with any needs they might have such as counseling, leave from the club, and other beneficial actions. In regards to the perpetrator, the Title IX office will determine the verdict though an investigation as well. The perpetrator can receive disciplinary actions such as probation or expulsion alongside complete removal and affiliation from Barkada.

Section 5: Off Campus Issues

This organization and/or its members, when making stands on issues,
recognizes and will fulfill the obligation to make clear that it/they in no
way represents the official position of the California State Polytechnic
University, Pomona.

Article II: Name
The official name of the organization shall be Barkada, California State
Polytechnic University, Pomona.
Article III: Trust Account

This organization, pursuant to its charter obligation, shall maintain an
agency account with the ASI Business Office of the Cal Poly Pomona
Foundation. This organization may elect to maintain an account in an
off-campus banking facility with prior approval by the university.

Section 2: USAGE

All monies of this organization shall be deposited in and disbursed from
this account following procedures outlined by the ASI Business Office,
the Cal Poly Foundation, or the off-campus banking facility. Should an
off-campus account be opened by the officers of this organization, all
required paperwork/documents must be submitted to the Office of
Student Life.


Should this organization become inactive by failing to apply for charter
renewal, the trust account will be held as an inactive account for two
academic years. In the event this organization does not become active
during the two year period any funds remaining in said account are to be
used to pay any outstanding accounts due the University, University
Union or Cal Poly Foundation. If there are no outstanding accounts, it is
hereby declared that any funds remaining is said accounts are to be
transmitted to Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) (3200 W.
Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026), an organization enhance the
quality of life in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown and for Pilipino
Americans throughout Los Angeles County, charitable organization to
aid this organization in carrying out its objectives. If the said
organization is no longer functioning at that time, or if its original
educational, charitable purposes, then the funds of this organization shall
be transferred to the Associated Students, Inc., California State
Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Article IV: Membership
Section 1: Categories of Membership:

1) Active – Cal Poly Pomona students
2) Associate – Non Cal Poly Pomona ASI persons
3) Alumni – Former Active members who are not current Cal Poly
Pomona ASI persons
4) Honorary – Lifetime membership awarded by the Executive Board to
persons it recognizes whose presence in the club would have a great
impact on the majority of our members

Section 2: Eligibility Requirements

Active and Associate members must pay a yearly membership fee.
No more than 20% of our membership will be non-CSU students.


Any member who violates the constitution of the club or violates any of
the rules of student conduct as stated in the California Administrative
Code, Title 5, Section 41301, may be suspended, or removed from the
club. A member may be suspended or removed for the above reasons
following a hearing by the membership of the organization.

Article V: Officers

Officers of Barkada, whether elected or appointed, must be active
members of the club. The positions which are listed, respectively, will be
the Chain of Command regarding all Executive Decisions, unless
otherwise stated in the position’s specific duties. Elected positions
(Barkada Entertainment Company) CHAIR, TREASURER,
EXTERNAL AFFAIRS, and HISTORIAN. The Executive Board may
appoint other positions as it deems necessary.

Section 2: Duties

The duties and descriptions of elected officers is as follows (but are not
limited to):
1. PRESIDENT – The chief officer of the club. The President is
responsible for all executive decisions, for open communication in
the entire club, for being the official spokesperson in all the matters
of the club, for being chairperson of the EXECUTIVE BOARD, and
for all dealings of the club. They also create and distribute agenda 48
hours before an executive board meeting.
2. VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President is responsible for assisting
the President in the making of executive decisions and promoting
open communication in the entire club. The Vice President acts as
the primary liaison between the executive board, the Member
Internship Board, and the Member Advisory Board. In
addition, they are the main liaison between
Alumni and Barkada. They will also send out
Alumni newsletters at least twice a semester. The Vice
President reports to the President, and the Executive Board on all
matters of the club. In the case of the President’s absence, the Vice
President would then assume all presidential responsibilities until the
current President’s return.
3. CHAIR POSITIONS – The Chair Positions of the four divisions will
be responsible for four basic functions, including those stated with
each position:
a. Generating interest and ideas in their respective areas
(Academics, Culture, Social, and Athletics)
b. Planning and scheduling objectives and events
c. Organizing and chairing committee meetings to ensure
smooth operation for specific events
d. Execute plans
i. ACADEMICS CHAIR – Responsible for all
programs held within the club that promote the
members’ academic well-being. The Academics
Chair is also responsible for organizing the
Kuya/Ate/Ading Program, study nights,
Academics Month, and any other activities
related to the academics of the members.
ii. CULTURE CHAIR – Responsible for planning
and organizing programs which promote the
teaching of Pilipino culture, Pilipino American
culture and other ethnic cultures to the members.
Such programs include but are not limited to
Pilipino American Heritage Month (PAHM)
Workshops. The Culture Chair will also be
responsible for organizing all activities and
exceeding all plans related with Barkada’s
annual Pilipino American Culture Night. This
includes, but is not limited to, the following
2. Logistics (reserving facility, financial
proposal, etc.)
3. Writing script
4. Coordinating and scheduling rehearsals
alongside the BEC Coordinator
iii. ATHLETICS CHAIR – Responsible for club
participation in Intramural Sports held by the
Associated Students, Inc. and Athletic
Department of California State Polytechnic
University, Pomona. The Athletics Chair will
also be responsible for organizing all activities
and executing all plans related with Barkada’s
annual Sportsfest. The Athletics Chair is in
charge of recruiting sports coordinators to assist
in running Sportsfest. They will also be required to serve on the Sportsfest Club.
iv. SOCIAL CHAIR – Responsible for the planning
and organizing of all social activities for the
participation of the entire club. The Social Chair
will also be responsible for planning and
organizing Barkada’s annual Banquet which
takes place at the conclusion of the academic
year. The Social Chair is also in charge of the
involvement of Barkada with Friendship Games.
In addition, they coordinate social events at least
once a month.
4. TREASURER – Responsible for record keeping of the club,
such as budgeting, bookkeeping and maintaining all money
related matters of the club. The Treasurer must also prepare
annual budgets and fiscal deadlines to report to the Executive
Board. In addition, they must create and send out a Financial
Report at least every two weeks. The Treasurer will make
financial approvals in conjunction with the President and Vice
5. SECRETARY – Responsible for record keeping of all business
of the club. The secretary handles all correspondence, and is
responsible for the dissemination of written communication to
the Executive Board, including minutes of every meeting. In
addition to record keeping, the secretary is responsible for
holding all Executive Board members accountable to their
designated duties and deadlines. During Sportsfest, the Secretary
must act as the main liaison between Sportsfest and Vendors.

6. ASI/MCC REPRESENTATIVE – Responsible for all matters
concerning the club and its relations with the Associated
Students, Inc. and the Multi-Cultural Council. ASI/MCC
Representative is responsible for reports on such activities to the
Executive Board and membership. They act on behalf of the
club in ASI/MCC and answers directly to the President and
Executive Board. They are responsible for relaying information
to and from Barkada and MCC affiliated organizations. Also,
they are the official voice of the club in ASI voting and ASI

Coordinator – Responsible for the Barkada Entertainment
Company and all subgroups to be performed by the company.
BEC Chair is also responsible for soliciting performances and
providing performers at the request of the respective client. A
contract must be drawn up by the BEC Chair and approved by
the Executive Board so that the money provided will not be
forfeited. In regards to Barkada’s Pilipino American Culture
Night, the BEC Chair’s primary duties are to schedule dance
practices where all dances that will be performed during Pilipino
American Culture Night will be rehearsed in conjunction with
the Culture Chair. The BEC Chair will also oversee all business
pertaining to any other performance groups under the BEC entity
such as: Barkada Modern, Barkada Band, Pilipino Notes,
Cultural Dance Troupe, Student Rondalla, and Members Modern including
Barkada’s Got Talent.
8. PUBLIC RELATIONS – Responsible for the internal promotion
of club functions through all media necessary. They will also be
responsible for the planning and organizing Barkada’s
representation throughout the year. The Public Relations person
shall be in charge of the production of Barkada’s periodic
newsletter “Anong Balita” a minimum of once per semester.

9. EXTERNAL REPRESENTATIVE – Responsible for the open
communication with surrounding universities and other
organizations. They act on behalf of the club in all matters
outside of the community of the California State Polytechnic
University, Pomona, and answers directly to the President and
Executive Board. External Representative is responsible for
reports on activities to the Executive Board and the membership.
The External Representative also acts as the primary liaison
between the club and Barkada’s umbrella organization, Southern
California Pilipino American Student Alliance.

10. HISTORIAN – Responsible for maintaining record of all events
throughout the year using audio/visual media. These records
should be used in the production of a video yearbook. They will
also be responsible for the production of the PACN program,
while working alongside public relations. They will also be
responsible for consistent maintenance of the club’s website. In
addition, they are responsible for organizing the historian

Section 3: Eligibility

At the time of assuming office and during tenure in office, an elected
officer must meet all of the eligibility requirements as stated by the
University: Officers must meet a minimum 2.0 term and cumulative
GPA; be enrolled in at least 9 units (undergraduate students) / 4 units
(graduate students) during office; and be in good judicial standing with
the University.

Article VI: Elections

To be placed on a ballot for officer election, a candidate must be an
active member in good standing and also be nominated by an active
member in good standing. He/She must also meet all of the eligibility
requirements of an officer as stated by the University. In addition,
nominees to the Vice President and President positions must a second year or above, and has served one previous year on executive
board, at the time of nomination. Nominees to any of the four Chair
Positions must be a second year or above. Nominees the BEC COORDINATOR must have prior BEC-related experience (PACN Board, CDT Coordinator, Barkada Band Director, P-Notes Director, Or Project Obvious Coordinator). All nominations may be
accepted or declined.


Elections of new officers will be held annually, no later than three weeks
before final examinations of Spring Semester.

Section 3: PROCEDURE

Election of officers is by secret ballot. Each active member of the club
will have one vote for each office. Simple majority will constitute the
election of a candidate.


Elected officers take office at the time of induction and are subject to a
term of one year.

Section 5: VACANCIES

If an officer cannot perform his/her duties for any reason prior to the
expiration of his/her term, the president will confer with the officer. At
this time, if the officer cannot give sufficient reason for inability to
perform assigned duties, the president will give the officer two weeks to
turn in a letter of resignation. If said resignation is not received within
two weeks, the officer will be impeached as outlined in Article VI,Section 6 of this constitution. Once the office is vacated for any reason,
the office will be filled for the remainder of the term by appointment
from the president, and is subject to the approval of the majority of the
executive board. After approval, he/she will take the Barkada Oath and
then assume the duties of the position.


If and when an officer has not successfully tended to his/her duties as
promised in the Barkada Oath, he/she will be impeached by simple
majority. Such forms of not tending his/her duties are stated in Article V,
Section 2 of which will also be reviewed by the faculty/staff advisors. At
this time the officer will be permitted to plead his/her case to the
Executive Board.

Article VII: Meetings

General meetings will be held on a regular basis. Executive Board
meetings will be held weekly. Meetings will be held at a scheduled hour.
General meetings will follow the agenda prepared by the Executive
Board. Members will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all
meetings. Only persons who have been recognized by the presiding
officer will have the floor to speak. All others will be expected to show
the speaker common courtesy while that person has the floor. Violators
of common courtesy will be asked to leave the meeting. Attendance is
mandatory for Executive Board Members at all general and executive
board meetings unless a valid excuse or prior notice is given.


A quorum must be present at all special meetings and only the business
for which a special meeting is called may be transacted at the meetings.
Special meetings may be called by the president with the approval of
Executive Board. The Public Relations is responsible for notifying the
members about the special meeting.

Article VIII: Quorum
Quorum is achieved at an Executive Board Meeting only when at least
50% of the Executive Board including at least two Chairs and the
President, or in any case of the President’s absence, the Vice-President.
At general meetings, present active members will constitute a quorum.
Article IX: Committees

At the time of assuming responsibility for a committee and during tenure
in office, a committee chair must meet all the eligibility requirements as
stated by the University.


The Executive Board shall consist of all the elected officers and all
appointed officers, if any.


The Executive Board shall act as the governing and decision making
body of the club, approve Presidential appointments, establish policy and
enforce the Constitution, expedite action on all matters of the club, serve
as the model members of the club, and approve annual budget. Research,
plans, and advisory activities will be initiated in the Executive Board.
Various strategies including, but not limited to, expansion, publicity, and
general direction are the responsibility of the Executive Board. Executive
Board members are responsible for open communication, sensible
voting, and the general image of the club.


The Member Advisory Board consists of members chosen by the current
executive board based off of their experience and knowledge of Barkada.
The Member Advisory Board provides insight on club matters and assists
the Executive Board in tending to their duties.


The Member Internship Board is open to all members to join. Members
may apply to join the Member Internship Board, pending approval of the
Executive Board. The Member Internship Board allows members to
shadow Executive Board members, learn about the various board
positions, and provides opportunities to gain leadership experience.


Each Chair position heads a committee whose purpose is to generate,
organize and carry out activities in their respective spheres (Academics,
Culture, Athletics and Social).


BEC is the committee created to generate, organize and carry out
performances, both cultural and modern, to help the club achieve its
purpose of promoting the Pilipino and Pilipino-American Culture. The
BEC Chair is the chair of this committee. BEC also performs as a
fundraising activity for the club.


Any other committees will be created through the appointment of the
president and approval of the Executive Board.


All committees must abide by the following guidelines in the process of
achieving its purpose:
1. All meetings must be conducted with the committee chair present,
and all actions of the committee must be approved by the committee
2. All committees and its members are responsible for open
communication, responsible and sensible voting, and the general
image of the club.
3. Reports must regularly be given to the Executive Board on all
committee matters so that the Executive Board remains informed on
all club matters.


None of the committees alluded in this article require Executive Board
approval. However, the Executive Board may intervene in committee
affairs if the committee is not following the guidelines as stated in
Article IX, Section 8, or if it is not achieving its respective purpose.
Article X DUES
All members, with the exception of Honorary members, present and
prospective are required to make payment of dues contingent upon their
membership in the club. The Executive Board will establish annual due
rates. Persons who do not meet financial obligations will not have a vote
in club actions nor will receive membership privileges until such time as
their payment of dues is received and recorded by the Treasurer.

Article XI: Advisor

The Barkada shall have at least one advisor over 21 years of age who
shall be a member of the faculty, administration, or staff of the California
State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The advisor may not be on leave
of absence at any time during his/her term of appointment.


After an advisor had been nominated by the organization and approved
by his/her Department Head, final approval and actual appointment will
be made by the Director, Office of Student Life. If the advisor is the
Department Head, then the immediate supervisor would also need to
approve before final appointment is made by the Director of Student

Section 3: DUTIES

The advisor’s responsibilities include attendance and participation in as
many organizational meetings and activities as is practical, signing all
forms related to the scheduling of activities and the disbursement of
funds, and the other duties outlined in Office of Student Life’s Advisor’s

Article XII: Amendment

To propose an amendment to this Constitution, a person must be a
member or an advisor of Barkada. The Executive Board must be
informed of the proposed amendment so that it may arrange for a
presentation of the proposed amendment in a general meeting. The actual
vote will take place at the most immediate meeting following the
presentation with at least 60% of the active members present. This
number will not include associate, alumni and honorary members.
However, these members are not excluded from attending the meeting
and voting on changes. An amendment is approved if the affirmative
votes are at least 80% of members present.

Section 2: APPROVAL

All amendments to the bylaws shall be filed as a public document in the
organization’s myBAR page and the executive board will alert the Senior
Coordinator of Student Life in the Office of Student Life and Cultural
Centers via email within 90 calendar days indicating the date and method
of adoption. Any amendment(s) which change(s) the purpose or intent of
the organization or substantively modify the bylaw’s provisions shall be
approved by the University before taking effect.


This charter shall not conflict with the By-Laws of the Associated
Students Inc., or with the policies and regulations of the California State
Polytechnic University, Pomona, the Trustees of the California State
University and Colleges, or the State of California. Any stipulations
applying to all chartered organizations made by the University shall be
considered in these Charter Provisions or not.

Revised: May 16, 2018