It’s that time of year again! Before everyone goes home to spend Thanksgiving with their families, celebrate one last time with your Barkada family! We will be celebrating our annual Pilipino Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23. This is a family event, so all families will be required to bring food to share with everyone.

Each family is required to bring:

2 main dishes
3 side dishes
2 desserts
4 drinks

Each main and side dish needs to be able to feed 20 people! So plan accordingly. When you talk to your families and decide what to bring, list it in the comments so we won’t have too many of the same dish. Also, if you want to bring your own dish just out of love for your Barkada family, feel free!

If you’re part of another club on campus, be sure to bring a main dish as well.

Where: APISC

When: November 23, 2010 6:00-10:00 PM

Pilipino Thanksgiving