With the beginning of summer, it’s time to fully introduce the new 2011-2012 Cal Poly Pomona Barkada E-board:

From front row to back, left to right:
Carl Gallardo – Social Chair
Emeline Allenegui – Public Relations
Bryan Agahan – Sports Chair
Aina Abad – ASI/MCC Representative
Rizza Piamonte – External Affairs
Jherray Babida – Secretary
Andrew Yeo – Treasurer
Luigi Cava – Culture Chair
Nicole Jane “NJ” Calinawan – BEC Coordinator
Dillon Sanchez – Historian
Danielle Delos Reyes – Academics Chair
Kevin Hsu – Vice President
Shea Salinas – President

We look forward to another great year!

Additionally, the website is planned to undergo changes as well. Therefore, I apologize for any inconveniences while trying to access the site in the future. Thank You!