With another year gone, Barkada’s newest Executive Board for the 2012-2013 year has been announced at End of the Year Banquet! Thank you for everything, Steez-E-Board! To see who the list, click the photo!

Here are your new E-Board members!:

President: Carl Gallardo

Vice President: Dillon Sanchez

Academics Chair: Nicole Jane Calinawan

Culture Chair: Emeline Allenegui

Sports Chair: Maurice Rhee

Social Chair: Jherray Babida

Treasurer: Andrew Yeo

Secretary: Sean Fabros

ASI/MCC Representative: Mark Ruidera

BEC Coordinator: Iggy Gutierrez

Public Relations: Kelsey Estrada

External Representative: Julianne Pineda

Historian: Paige Gutierrez