Hey Barkada!

Schick Quatro’s clubbing event is officially on September 13th! For the first time ever, hosted by CSUF PASA, CPP Barkada, CSUSB Lubos Paso, and UCR Katipunan, we welcome you all to a pre-Schick Quatro event, Schick-Nic! SCHICK-NIC will be a picnic (Get it? Schick Quatro… Picnic… Schick-Nic… Punny..) where all externals are invited and welcome to attend to get to know one another, engage in competitive games/activities, EAT, and simply bond with new/familiar faces. Bring footballs, frisbees, basketballs, WATER GUNS, or anything you want to do. This park has it all! After this event, bring those same friends and get your clubbing on two weeks later!

WHEN: September 1st, 12:00PM – 5:00PM
WHERE: English Springs Park, Chino Hills (2101 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, California 91709)

Meet members from external schools and enjoy your last month of Summer with fellow Barkadinans!