Cultural Dance Troupe


Barkada’s Cultural Dance Troupe, previously known as BEC, is now just an entity of the BEC (Barkada Entertainment Company). Barkada’s Cultural Dance Troupe is a group of Barkada members who learn Pilipino cultural dances for fun,for the chance to broaden their knowledge on dance and culture, and for the opportunity to give back what they learn to the community.

Throughout its history, Barkada’s CDT has performed for countless Birthdays, Anniversaries, Debuts, and Charities, as well as for events like the Annual FPAC (Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture) where members had the chance to share the Main Stage with acts like Next Phaze, Visionaries, Native Guns, and Rex Navarette! This also is great training for those who want to dance for Barkada’s BIGGEST event: the Pilipino American Culture Night (PACN) in which Barkada’s members showcase their talents in Dance, Song, and Acting.

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