our Pillars

Pilipinx American Cultural Night is a celebration of our culture through an organized performance of a traditional two-act play with traditional and modern dances. PACN’s script is usually written by the Culture Chair, and dances are managed by Barkada’s Entertainment Company Coordinator. PACN is actualized by Vision Team, and coordinators in POD Squad choreograph and teach the dances to general members. PACN is usually scheduled during late April/early May. Other Cal Poly Pomona students may see general members practicing for the performance at the CLA Paseo between the months January to April.


Friendship Games is an event held by Cal State University Fullerton that involves a number of Collegiate Filipino-American Student Organizations coming together in order to celebrate the core aspects of Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship. E-Board, along with the rest of Barkada is excited to be able to participate in Friendship Games in person once again this year!


The Kuyate/Kuya/Ate/Ading program is similar to a mentoring program within Barkada. Kuya means older brother and Ate means older sister in Tagalog. Ading means younger sibling in Ilocano. Finally, Kuyate is a gender-neutral pronoun for members of Barkada to use as well.


PilipinoFest, or SportsFest, is an annual event where Barkada members and other internal/external organizations compete in sports ranging from basketball to volleyball, as well as other athletic events. As part of the Athletic Pillar, this event strives to unite our members through physical health as well as socialize and strengthen ties with other organizations.

Pilipino Graduation

Pilipino Graduation is a ceremony held every year to promote strength and unity in the Pilipino community at Cal Poly Pomona while recognizing and celebrating the graduates’ achievements and cultural backgrounds.