barkada's Pillars


Starr-E Board, Academics Chair

Kaycie Ambaan

What does your pillar represent? The academics pillar serves as a reminder that first and foremost, we are all students with a similar goal of graduating. Barkada strives to encourage its members to do their best in their schoolwork and other aspects of college life. We accomplish this goal through things like our Kuya, Kuyate, Ate, Ading mentorship program, which pairs new members with mentors who will not only show them what Barkada is all about, but guide them through their college experience, as well as study rooms, workshops, as well as provide other resources to ensure their academic success. We also celebrate and acknowledge the success of our members and other members of our Filipino-American community at CPP through Pilipino Graduation.

What does Academics mean to you? What excites you about this pillar? To me, the academics pillar is about giving our members the resources to do their best. With all the events and activities Barkada hosts and all the other new experiences that college brings, it is easy to put our academics on the backburner and forget why we came to college in the first place. I ran for this chair because I wanted to show the members that it is possible to have all these amazing experiences while also keeping up with schoolwork and making progress towards getting their degrees and furthering their careers. One of the most exciting things about my position is seeing the progress of our members as time goes by and how programs and other resources we have provided have helped our members grow. It makes me so happy to see our members succeed, whether it be seeing them come out of their shell more and meet new people through our KKAA program, hearing about how well they did on an quiz or exam, or honoring our graduates at PGrad, I’m so grateful I get to be a part of their journey and celebrate with them!


What does Culture mean to you? What excites you the most about this pillar? The cultural pillar in Barkada has been a vehicle for allowing me to get closer to a lot more people. For both my family and new Fil-Am college students such as myself. Learning more about Filipino culture has provided context as to why my parents grew up with these traditions and customs and it helps me understand them at a deeper level. The pillar also allows me to understand other Fil-Ams despite only having small interactions. Despite any differences in experiences and upbringing, bonds are formed over things such as foods we grew up with, places in the Philippines our families are from, or even the quirky little things our parents do. As culture chair, my primary motivator for doing what I do is to foster these connections and allow members to create their own experience as Filipino Americans. I love the creativity that the position comes with! With something as broad as culture, there are many different topics for and methods of bringing culture to the members. The fact that all of those options are available to me during this term ensures that there is no shortage of ideas that I can implement this term. With those new ideas along with PACN and cultural workshops, this year will be very memorable.

Starr-E Board, Culture Chair

Isaiah Pagdanganan

What does your pillar represent? The cultural pillar represents reconnection. Whether it’s within a home you have never visited with the Philippines. Or with your own past experiences as a Filipino-American. As the cultural pillar of Barkada, I feel like it’s my duty to give our members the opportunity to get that reconnection. Whether it be through culture corners, PAHM Workshops, cultural talks, or PACN I need to make sure the information is relevant, intriguing, and insightful. If I am able to allow our members to learn more about themselves and their history, I know I have done my job.


Starr-E Board, Athletics Chair

Renard Pascual

What does your pillar represent? The Athletics pillar represents both the physical and mental strength and well-being of our members. Being athletic just doesn’t mean one or the other, but both together and how they work and build off of each other. The way I convey this is through hosting events such as eSportsfest, Sportsfest, Street Games, and having Mental Health Workshops/Check-ins. On top of that it’s my goal to make sure that I provide all the necessary resources for all of our members to be able to take care of themselves.

What does Athletics mean to you? What excites you the most about this pillar? When you think of the term athletics and what it means to be athletic, what first comes to mind? Usually, it’s most likely sports, training, and being physically gifted and athletic. While that is part of my pillar, I feel like the mental aspect of someone’s well-being tends to get overlooked. As a very big overthinker, one of the main reasons why I ran for the athletics chair was to emphasize the importance of physical as well as mental well-being. Both appear very different while having their own processes, but understanding how these domains are intertwined is important to help them thrive, past mere coexistence. I want to show that they each affect one another and also that both physically and mentally athletic is important and beneficial for your overall health. I get really excited thinking about how I have the ability to help so many people in the events that I host. Many of these events give the people an opportunity to showcase their skills through competition. They also give a safe space for people to be vulnerable, connect with their peers on a deeper level, and discover more about themselves. I can’t wait to see how people improve and grow throughout the year!!


What does Social mean to you? What excites you the most about this pillar? To me, being social wasn’t always about being a “people person” but also someone that my friends could go to about anything. I ran for social chair because, as a gen member, I was able to form really meaningful bonds with my friends. Barkada gave me a space to be myself and connect with people that I share values and views with. I wanted to keep these opportunities open for years to come. College is known for being a tumultuous and also really exciting time and place. I wanted to give people a community that they’d feel safe and seen in while growing and navigating their own lives too. I think the thing that gives me the most butterflies is just seeing how different events brings people together. Whether it be at Friendship Games, practices for FG, Fam gatherings, Cultural Workshops or even impromptu plans. I can’t wait to learn new things from the people I meet, and also to see everyone grow and learn from each other!

Starr-E Board, Social Chair

Tomas Montero

What does your pillar represent? The social pillar of barkada represents the welcoming and safe environment that we as a club uphold. Being social does not only mean meeting new people and making connections with them, but also protecting that environment by providing a space in which these relationships can be maintained, deepened, and explored.