End of the Year Banquet

At the close of each year, Barkada holds the End of the Year Banquet. As the last social event of the year, this night includes several traditions.

Highlight Video

This random video is indescribable other than that it is whatever the incumbent E-Board comes up with. From Bahag Boy running through Cal Poly Pomona’s campus to a shout box that takes over the world, this creative work usually makes no sense. The historian edits the final product.

Superlative Awards

During PACN season, people cast their votes for various superlatives. These can be as ephemeral as MySpace Whore, as “Filipino” as Tsismis King & Queen, as notorious as Biggest Flirt, as coveted as Freshman of the Year, as sweet as cutest couple, or as honorable as Mr. & Mrs. Barkada.

Lifetime Member Revealing

Since 1998, Barkada has honored a select few with the title of Lifetime Member. The revealing of this revered status occurs during End of the Year Banquet and includes a brief biography and the awarding of a gift.

Candlelight Ceremony

During the Candlelight Ceremony, the incumbent Executive Board passes their torch to the newly elected Executive Board. This solemn tradition involves a passage read in both English and Tagalog as well as 27 candles: one main candle that starts it all, 13 candles for the current board, and 13 candles for the new board.


The theme chosen by the Social Chair provides suggestions for attire, ideas for entertainment, and guidelines for decorations.