The Four Pillars

Barkada as a club is founded upon four pillars. These pillars take shape in various forms within the club and it’s members, from group events to individual actions. These four pillars are:


Academics Chair is the chair that makes us more than a group of friends, but a family as seen through the KAA programs. They promote family values and create long lasting relationships in Barkada. They are the mentor to all. They put an importance on the future of Barkada through career workshops that help members find jobs for post-grad. Furthermore, they create an event known as P-Grad that celebrates the academic accomplishments of our members. They remind us why we are in college in the first place, to be a student before anything.


Culture Chair is the chair that is the embodiment of the heart of Barkada. They advance and showcase the arts of being a Filipino-American through PACN. During Pilipino American History Month, they reveal the history of the Philippines and promote cuisine through an event known as Lumpia Night. They are the warriors that fight for our Filipino veterans rights and equity through the event known as JFAV. They represent our nation back home, they show our customs, and they make us a community.


Athletics Chair is the chair that promotes our well being. They promote not just physical health but mental health. They create that safe environment for Barkada and highlight the competitive aspect of Barkada through intramural sports. In addition, they plan out Sportsfest. They are a paragon of sportsmanship and camaraderie.


Social chair is the chair that lifts our spirits. They exuberate the pride of what it means to be in Barkada. They bring us together as a group through unity. They are the epitome of friendship. In addition, they plan out Friendship Games and are known to be the SPUF Grandmaster. Planning out fun events in the year like auction and ending the year with a banquet are but a few of their tasks. They know that stupid is cool, cool is stupid. They are a paragon of what it means to be Barkada.