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On this page, you’ll find a list of the numerous ways you can get involved in Barkada. We have various committees and groups that you can join that range from singing to dancing to E-Sports to photography. Read more about each group under each tab!

Pilipino Graduation General Committee

Gain leadership experience by shadowing P-Grad executive board and help volunteer and plan Pilipino graduation!

For more information, please contact Kyle Balmonte, P-Grad President, at

Sportsfest Club

Sportsfest club focuses on building leadership skills, promoting mental health, and practices healthy habits. The main event the club puts together is Pilipinofest. Pilipinofest will be a festival event in March featuring food, sports, games, and cultural dances. Volunteers can earn leadership experience and win prizes such as gift-cards, even a chance to win a Disneyland ticket.

For more information, please contact Barkada’s Athletics Chair, Glen Marc Hasta, at

Historian Committee

Assist in preserving the history of Barkada–come out to events and take the photos and videos that will be uploaded all of Barkada’s social media. No photography experience or camera required. Committee members do not need to attend all events.

For more information, please contact Kyle Libramonte, Barkada’s Historian, at

Join the Historian Committee Facebook group here!

Among Balita Committee
Come learn and tell stories of Barkada through journalism. For more information contact Patricia Anne Babia, Barkada’s Public Relation, at

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Alumni Spotlight: Avriel Alegre

Hello Barkada! My name is Justin Angeles, CPP Barkada’s President, and today I have Avriel Alegre. He was a Social Justice Leader (SJL) for the Asian Pacific Islander Student Center (APISC), Basa Baller captain, and a powerhouse of a singer in Barkada. I hope you enjoy this article.

Avriel majored in Biotechnology and graduated in 2019. He is currently working at a physical therapy clinic as an aide in assisting post orthopedic operation patients, geratric patients, and professional athletes . He helps people recover from injuries and surgeries. In addition, he volunteers with the Santa Clara department of public health as a COVID-19 tracer. In his free time he plays video games like League of Legends and Monster Hunter. He is also an avid fan of sharks and is quite adventurous as he has been on seven cruises before.

Avriel wanted to make friends when he started college. He first saw Barkada at the club fair during summer orientation and encountered the Pia Radaza-Sumalinog, Legac-E’s (2015-2016) Vice President, who leid him. Avriel did not participate in Pilipino American Culture Night (PACN) that year because he was rather shy, but he decided to become active the next year, Royalt-E year. Avriel broke out of his shell and met several friends like Marco Ramirez, James Avanceña, Justine Vitug, and Kaitlyn Arce. He helped Barkada fundraise by coming to one of their TV tapings as well. He even danced in PACN in the Mindanao suite and tinikling with his tinikling partner Alexis Pajarillaga. He was making a breakthrough in Barkada.

Some of his favorite moments in Barkada was tinik night Royalt-E year during the car ride with Renz Soriano and Jeremy Carlos. Avriel had more fun than usual that night and was not feeling well after the night. He ended up throwing up in a bag that Renz was holding up but there was a hole in it so it got on the carpet on Jeremy’s car as they were taking him home. Till this day, Jeremy still teases Avriel about it because Avriel’s imprints are on the car forever. One of his other favorite moments was when he coordinated Maria Clara with Justine and saw the performance on stage during PACN XXIX “Huwag Kalimutan.” He was inspired by his grand Bryan Naugit who coordinated tinikling. Likewise, he wanted to give back to Barkada somehow too. Seeing the dance come together meant so much to him and is thankful to have a partner as amazing as Justine.

Avriel’s Kuya is Ethan Venegas. His favorite moment with his Barkada family was when all of them were able to finally all come together at Portos with Alexa Ordonez. The family planning finally worked for one heartfelt moment that Avriel will forever cherish.

It is no surprise that Avriel is an amazing saxophone player. One of Avriel’s biggest accomplishments was making the I <3 SING page and hosted several karaoke nights with his friend Karl Molina, another powerhouse singer in Barkada and former SJL. They worked to bring karaoke workshops to the APISC to create a fun space for everyone. Avriel provided the space, Karl provided the talent and the equipment. Some of his favorite moments were whenever Jane Gonzalez, Alexa Ordonez, Allison Inciong, or Allya Liquigan sang. He thought they were talented singers. His other favorite moments were when they sang gospel music in the APISC and whenever they sang “Bakit Pa Ba” by Jay R. His other favorite moment was when Justin Angeles sang “We Are Young” at Round 1. He enjoyed all the moments where he was able to jam out with his Barkada friends.

In addition to karaoke workshops, Avriel planned events for the center like Showcase. During this event, Avriel brought over his cousin Albert Posis, a famous Filipino American artist, to sing for CPP. As SJL, he enjoyed talking with different organizations on campus and is thankful for staff he was able to work with that year like Justine Vitug, Karl Molina, Miranda Ng, and Henree Truong. Avriel thought it was cool to work for his boss Megan Dela Cruz who he saw as a mentor figure. Being able to sleep inside the APISC during finals made some of the funniest memories for him. Avriel taught and learned about the various social justice issues that were happening around him and provided these resources to Barkada. In addition to creating a safer environment, Avriel was a captain for the Barkada’s intramural basketball team known as the Basa Ballers.

His favorite moment with Basa Ballers was when they went to In-N-Out after winning their last game after losing ten consecutive times before. Most of Avriel’s friendships were made through sports. Even though they did not win many games, he enjoyed all of them. It was cool to see people join Barkada Basa Ballers because they just wanted to be with their friends. He knew that their record did not matter, everyone just wanted to have fun. Having the large crowds and having Justin Angeles coach was a cherry on top. Barkada always came to support Basa Ballers even if they were losing.

Avriel is still friends with the people he met in Barkada. He remembers going to Ski Trip with them and hosting parties at the Montclair house. Avriel even went on a trip to Mexico with his Barkada friends which was one of the craziest and memorable experiences he has had. He loved playing basketball at the park and even participated in 3 vs. 3 tournaments with Jon Carlos and Marco Ramirez for Barkada. He loved all the game nights at Patrick’s house and misses Kevin Yang’s burgers that he made at their barbecues. In fact, Avriel's favorite place to go get food in Barkada was Sushi Show. Kevin used to work there and he knew all the good sushi rolls. Whenever they celebrated big accomplishments, he would go to Sushi Show for all you can eat sushi. He loves whenever employees turn off the lights and sing happy birthday to the customers. There is also free ice cream at the end. It was the perfect place to go socialize.

Avriel believes all members should go to Barkada’s Got Talent because it’s an event where members showcase their hidden talents. Avriel performed with his fellow SJLs, Justine and Karl, and sang on stage. Their stage name was known as Secretly Justine Lovers (SJL). Singing helped Avriel get close with his friends. Avriel thinks it is impressive when members put themselves out there because it takes a great deal of mental fortitude to be on stage.

As much as Avriel had fun in Barkada, he learned many lessons. He learned how to manage his time. He felt like he was more focused on the social aspects of Barkada and lost sight of his academics. He learned to focus on school by placing time aside for studying. He realized it is more important to focus on academics and mental health before anything. He learned to try new things and meet new people. He met his roommate and Barkada friend, Richard Vesagas, because he decided to venture out of his dorm room one day. It ended up becoming one of his key friendships throughout college. Moreover, he learned to take a step back and have a clear head when trying new things. Going into his fourth year, he felt like he knew Barkada already. However, he made friends he did not think he would make that year. All the various personalities he met changed his life as he was able to learn a different perspective from them. He grew more as a person that he thought he would through Barkada.

In the future, Avriel would want to see Sportsfest happen again and more collaborations with organizations that are focused on academics. He would love to see more alumni panels and alumni guest speakers for members to know how post graduation feels like.

Avriel misses seeing all his friends. It became harder to see friends when he got a job and moved back to San Francisco. He misses having events to look forward to like Limpa Night and KAA mixer. He misses the fun times. Life just keeps moving on as an adult. He misses Justin Angeles.

If Avriel could say one thing for the members right now, he said, “Take care of your mentals.”

Avriel would like to give a shoutout to Marco, Geline, John Carlo, Karl, Martha, Kevin, Kuya Ethan, Grand Bryan, Second favorite co Racielli, Justine, Nevin, Maria Clara squad, Basa Ballers, Alyssa, Jarred, Jeremy Carlos, Justin Angeles, Dros, his Adings, and everybody else.

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Alumni Spotlight: Jeremy Carlos

Hello Barada! My name is Justin Angeles, CPP Barkada’s President, and today I have Jeremy Carlos, Fanc-E’s (2014-2015) External Affairs. He is an amazing dancer and was heavily involved with Barkada Modern (BMOD). Thank you for the interview! I hope you enjoy it.

Jeremy graduated in 2020 with a major in Biochemistry. Currently, he has obtained his pharmacy technician license and works at a pharmacy while getting ready for pharmacy school. However, he has always wanted to be a pilot because he loves airplanes. He is quite an aviation geek as he listens to air traffic control in his free time. In the past, he used to dance and was even a part of BMOD and Team Ferosha. Currently, he just cooks pasta and plays Call of Duty. He is becoming a gamer.

Jeremy attended San Marino High School but there were only like two Filipinos who went to the school. Growing up, Jeremy never had Filipino friends before, so he decided that he could join a Filipino organization in college to learn more about his culture. During 2013, Jeremy was eyeing every booth at the club fair but Barkada was the one that caught his eye. He decided he would not come up to them until the end of the club fair. He was nervous to join. However, it was Barkada who approached him first. He remembers meeting Rochelle Lingat and Cody Guerrero. His first impressions were that they were quite friendly but the more he got involved with them, the more he got into the weirdness that is Barkada. He decided to go with the flow and see where Barkada would take him. Nonetheless, Jeremy would not have changed anything about that day because he soon found his home away from home.

Jeremy signed up for the Kuya Ate Ading (KAA) mentorship program and got picked up by his Ate Paige Gutierrez, Dream-E’s Public Relations. They are still close to this day. Jeremy even picked up adings. Jeremy’s first ading was Alyssa Francois. Their love of K-Pop cemented their KAA relationship. Jeremy has even attended KCON with her and several UCLA football games. Jeremy is even close with her actual family. Jeremy also picked up Anastasia. He cherishes all the times he was able to spend with them. As he got close with everyone in Barkada, he decided to dance in Barkada’s Pilipino American Culture Night (PACN).

Jeremy auditioned for the Tinikling team Dream-E year and ended up in the team known as team “So Wow Ang Galing.” Jeremy still looks back on his tinikling pictures and their final performance. Jeremy even acted in PACN the next year. He remembered flour exploded on stage that year. There were many moments that Jeremy cherishes and appreciates all the time he was able to spend with Barkada. PACN helped motivate Jeremy to run for board the next year.

During one PACN runthrough in the middle of the second act, Jeremy was doing homework on the sidel when suddenly Aaron Lucela approached him. He sat next to him and asked him if he was running for board. With the question in mind, he heavily considered it. He knew for sure he wanted to give back to the organization because Barkada made his first year in college amazing. He found the external position quite interesting and decided to run for it. Jeremy won the position and put Barkada on the map.

Jeremy challenged himself as external. Being a shy person, he wanted to branch out and go out of his comfort zone. He went to different universities and built strong relationships with external organizations. As much as he grew with Fanc-E Board, he had quite a few memorable moments. During a random night before a PACN practice, Jeremy was with Jherray and Jocelyn in a wild car ride. Jherray’s car was a little broken in the sense that it could not close the back doors. During the drive back, they had to hold a box of doughnuts and the doors closed to survive. However, on the curvy roads, the doors would swing wide open from the force. Luckily, they were able to make it back safely to PACN practice.

In Barkada, Jeremy had an alter ego known as Jen Okinawa. He was watching this show called Ja'mie: Private School Girl. One of the characters was named Jen Okazaki which was a guy who impersonates a private school girl and Japanese Tiger mom in the show. Jen Okazaki talks rather silly and has a comedic persona in the show. Whenever Jeremy was having more than usual at a party, his alter ego would come out.

For Anong Balita, Jeremy used the quote “I believe in being strong when everything seems to be wrong” by Audrey Hepburn. Jeremy was a big fan of Audrey Hepburn as she was a fashion icon. However, Jeremy chose this quote because he was going through a tough time when his lolo passed away when he was on board. Jeremy persevered through the year and grew to be an amazing individual.

During Dream-E’s PACN season, Jeremy attended his first BMOD workshop. His friend Patrick Phung drove him there and Jeremy auditioned for BMOD. He did not make the team that year but he became Fanc-E’s External Affairs that year. BMOD performed again for PACN the next year and Jeremy was impressed by their dance set. More than ever, he wanted to join BMOD. After his board term ended, Jeremy auditioned in the summer and the fall but he just could not make the team. Jeremy finally made the team when winter came around. Jeremy was quite an underdog on the team. He had a rough start with practice. He was not the best dancer but Jeremy always gave it his all. One day the BMOD Board came to him and chose Jeremy as a captain because of his work ethic, tenacity, and commitment. Jeremy was on the come up. He even became an advisor for BMOD. This was around the time where Jeremy got into photography and videography. With his skills, he showcased BMOD and put them on the map on social media. In addition, Jeremy joined the exhibition team known as Team Ferosha. Even though Jeremy was an advisor, he still had a passion for dancing. He graduated and BMOD is officially on a hiatus. BMOD helped Jeremy grow as an individual and is thankful for the whole experience.

In addition to BMOD, Barkada taught Jeremy many lessons. Jeremy learned how to manage his time. He understood that the main point for college is to study and learn. Furthermore, Jeremy learned how to break out of his shell and do things he normally could not. Barkada also taught him that being weird is a good thing sometimes and that friendships last a long time.

Jeremy believes all members should go to Schick Quattro, Barkada’s clubbing event with external schools. Jeremy recommends members to go to Beach Day and First Gen as they are the first events of the year. Incoming Barkada members can get a feel of what the organization is all about at these events.

Jeremy had a great time in Barkada. One of his favorite moments in Barkada was when Anthony, Jherray, Warjay, and him went to an external event for UCLA. They took Anthony DeVera’s car and had quite a wild adventure. They almost hit something on the freeway and people were knocked out. They had more fun than usual that day. Jeremy misses his board members and the external events. Many of Jeremy’s funniest moments usually took place in a car. One time, Renz Soriano and Jeremy crashed tinikling night and had to take Avriel Alegre home. Avriel had more than usual that night. During the car ride back, Avriel had to throw up and so they gave him a bag. There was a hole in the bag and Avriel ended up staining the car’s carpet. Jeremy will never let Avriel down for what happened that night but looks back on it and laughs.

Some of Jeremy’s favorite places to get good was Coconut Bay and Cha for Tea before they closed down. He enjoyed going to Banana Bay whenever it was a happy hour. In addition, he loved going to Jinza Teriyaki and Mr BBQ because it was down the street from his college house.

Jeremy contributed so much to Barkada. He was a volleyball coordinator for Sportsfest, SCPASA FUNcilitator, and was a part of the Lakas Mentorship program for a year. He won Social Butterfly and Cutest Couple superlative with Renz Soriano twice for Barkada. As external, he built a strong relationship with LMU and USC Troy Phi. In addition to being BMOD captain, Jeremy won the “Most Improved” award. Jeremy is always improving as an individual in all aspects of his life. He is one of the most down to earth people ever. He is a dancer, photographer, videographer, comedian, and an overall icon to society.

In the future, Jeremy would love to be able to see Sportsfest return and Alumni banquet. He would love to see alumni come back as it becomes harder to see each other after graduation. Jeremy would also love to see P-Grad return since he recently graduated.

Jeremy jokes about missing being young. People like Jocelyn San Luis are already turning to dust in his eyes. He misses being in college and cherishes all the memories he has made Nonetheless, he is glad to have finally graduated.

If Jeremy could say one thing for the members right now, Jeremy said, “Enjoy your time in University and Barkada because it’s fun. The memories you make in college will last. You won’t be a freshman forever. Take things with a grain of salt. Life is a roller coaster.”

Jeremy would like to give a shoutout to Paige, Jocelyn, Miriya, Fanc-E Board, Anthony, Oli, and Audrey. Jeremy would like to give a shout out to the Dream-E babies like Katrina and Pia. Shoutout to his roommates Kyle, Justin, Ej, Warjay, Alyssa, Janet, and Jeraldine. Shoutout to Avriel.

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Alumni Spotlight: Jocelyn San Luis

Hello Barkada, my name is Justin Angeles, CPP Barkada’s President, and today I have Jocelyn San Luis. She was Fanc-E’s (2014-2015) Social Chair. You may even know her as Jeyonce. Thank you for the interview, I hope you enjoy it.

Jocelyn graduated in 2015 with a major in Communications with a focus on Public Relations. Prior to the pandemic, she was working as an event coordinator for a non profit business in Sherman Oaks. In her free time, she loves reading Marvel comic books. She’s a huge fan of anything Disney and Marvel. She even attends Comic Con often.

Jocelyn decided to take her first year of college easy. However, she realized that she needed to get involved. She remembered seeing Barkada at her freshman orientation and decided to check it out when she was a sophomore in college. She was quiet at first, but she decided to attend one of the Hype Nights for Friendship Games. She enjoyed the camaraderie from Barkada and she remembered meeting Paige Gutierrez, Mark Ruidera, and Iggy Gutierrez. The friendly and fun atmosphere attracted Jocelyn to the organization. She soon found her place in Barkada and decided to sign up for the Kuya Ate Ading Mentorship Program.

Jocelyn got picked up by Aaron Gallardo. She loved hanging out at the Asian Pacific Islander Student Center with her Barkada family. However, her place soon became the main hangout spot for her friends and family. She enjoyed bantering with her Kuya and her cos which were Katrin and Carol. She was known as Momma Jocelyn in Barkada because of how kind, caring, and sweet she was. Everyone was a baby to Jocelyn. She took care of everyone in Barkada but she also knew how to have fun. In fact. Jocelyn’s other nickname in Barkada is Jeyonce. They called her Jeyonce because she was a huge Beyonce fan. She was not sure how it started but they called her Jeyonce for Halloween one day. Her charismatic, funny, and uplifting personality brightened up everyone's day. She was quite the character in Barkada. In fact, she even won Tsismis Queen, Comedy Queen, and Biggest Instigator. To no surprise, she ended up running for Social Chair.

Jocelyn became Fanc-E’s Social Chair because Friendship Games was one of her favorite events. She was excited to plan Friendship Games out as it was her first event and it was the event that brought her in. Likewise, she wanted to bring people into Barkada the same way and welcome them with open arms. Building the props for Friendship Games and working on the interaction are some of the memories Jocelyn looks back on. Whenever she met at her place for Friendship Games business, it would not feel like she was having a meeting. She felt like it was just a group of friends hanging out and having fun. Her favorite Friendship Games chant was the Barkada classic “Hollaback Club” parody. The theme that year for Friendship Games was The Cat in the Hat. During interaction, she played the goldfish and Fanc-E President, Jerray, played the cat. Everyone else was Thing 1 and Thing 2. Bryan Naugit, Fanc-E’s BECC, made the choreography for Friendship Games and for their props, they made a giant book. Her favorite part of Friendship Games was seeing all the different interaction from school from all over California. Seeing everyone’s creativity come together was a blast to see.

Jocelyn believes everyone should participate in Pilipino American Culture Night (PACN). She did not grow up in a traditional Filipino household so learning the dances helped her learn more about her culture. Friendship Games is the event that gets everyone to join Barkada, PACN is the event that gets everyone to stay. Even if a member does one dance, they will be a part of something big. For Jocelyn, PACN helped her get more comfortable and close with Barkada. She did six dances that year and even did stage crew. She cherishes the late nights hanging out with everyone, performing tinikling, and persevering through hell nights.

Back then Barkada was quite different as there were more guys than girls. Most of her friends in Barkada were guys. The music was quite different. Growing up, she had an emo phase in middle school and it came back in college because of Barkada. She remembers all the iconic party houses like the PHP house and BOFA. Those were the times where Mama Jocelyn came out. She knew how scary college can be so she became the person who made everyone feel like they were safe and okay. Her motherly instincts shined during parties. She loved spending every moment she could with Barkada. Eating at Korean Barbecue was quite popular with Barkada. In fact, Barkada introduced her to Korean Barbecue. She remembers getting Jinza and Cha For Tea too. As much as she did have fun, she learned many lessons too.

She learned that family can be anybody and family can be everybody. The friends Jocelyn made in Barkada are still her friends today. Because of all the memories she has had with them in Barkada, they are more like a family to her now.

In the future, she would love to get more involved with other alumni. All the people she knew graduated but she wishes she can see them at an alumni banquet. Being a past board member, she is more than happy to give advice to anyone.

She misses all her friends in Barkada. Especially with the pandemic, it has been rather hard to interact with them. She misses everyone extra. She misses all the Barkada friends like Friendship Games, PACN, P-Grad, and especially the end of the year banquet. The theme for the banquet was The Oscars. It was a great event to end the year off.

If Jocelyn could say one thing for the members right now, she said, “I know how hard transitioning to college can be. You will find your place in Barkada. You can learn about your culture and find your friends for life. There’s something for everybody.”

Jocelyn would love to get a shoutout to Class-E Board, CLass-E babies, Fanc-E Board, and Fanc-e babies. Shoutout to her Barkada family which was Aaron, Katrin, Carol, and Kathleen. Shoutout to RJ, Ronnel, Paige, Kyle, Jeraldine, Denise, Cody, Janet, Jeremy, Alyssa, Kevin Yang, Ethan, Jeron, Miggy, and Rodrigo. Shoutout to her predecessors which were Carl, Mark, and Jherray and shoutout to all the Social Chair successors.

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Alumni Spotlight: Anne Soliguen-Vera Cruz

Hello Barkada! My name is Justin Angeles, CPP Barkada’s President, and today I have Anne Soliguen-Vera Cruz. She was Babe-E-Board’s (2006-2007) Public Relations and Cute-E-Board’s (2007-2008) Vice President. I enjoyed speaking with Anne during our interview. She is super sweet and cool. I hope you enjoy this article.

Anne majored in Psychology and graduated in 2008. She is currently a Behavior Therapist and Co-Supervisor for kids with autism and a New-Hire Trainer, and has been working in her field for twelve years. In her free time, she runs a small business, GandA Creations, making personalized and custom designed gifts. She is also a dog mom to two pitbulls and enjoys plant mom-ing! She is married to Gregory Martin Vera Cruz, Sex-E-Board’s (2005-2006) Sports Chair.

When Anne first came to CPP, she saw Barkada at the club fair during orientation and thought she would never join. Although she had a few Filipino friends in high school, growing up in predominantly White neighborhoods, this was a community that she was not accustomed to. Towards the end of her freshman year, one of her high school friends asked her to participate in PACN and she fell in love with Barkada and it’s family-type atmosphere. The cultural dances drew Anne into Barkada and she even joined the Cultural Dance Troupe, performing at gigs to raise funds for Barkada. Fun fact: Along with Babe-E VP, AnaLisa Manlic, they picked the fabrics from downtown LA and sewed some of the costumes we use for our rural and Muslim Suite dances!

Anne’s background in editing for her high school yearbook also got her involved as an editor, in 2005-2006, for Anong Balita, Barkada’s newsletter. Then for 2006-2007, Anne became Babe-E Board’s Public Relations. Alongside her future husband Greg, they treated Anong Balita like it was their baby, helping to continue reviving the newsletter. She was able to print an issue for Anong Balita every month, with the help of their Barkada advisor, Kuya Edwin who worked in the CPP Foundations office. Anong Balita used to be handed out as hard copy formats, not a digital magazine style! Anne wanted to make a difference in Barkada still, so she decided to run for Vice President the next year. She ended up winning the position and decided to work on A-Board, a board designed to give members a behind the scenes view of the executive board. As Vice President, Anne thought it was important to give members a voice and empower newer members by enhancing their leadership skills. She was known as “Barkada Mom” and “Barkada’s Martha Stewart,” always making sure everyone had what they needed. She wanted members to feel appreciated and thought of ways to get them more involved, even hosting an A-Board retreat at her house and guiding them to take charge of planning Barkada Family Feud Beach Day.

Friendship Games was one of her favorite moments with Cute-E and Babe-E board because they won back to back SPUF Championships. Cowboys was the Friendship Games theme Babe-E year and Circus was the theme Cute-E year. They made gigantic props to win - Babies made a giant jail cell where they captured presidents from other clubs and released them if they agreed to friendship, and Cuties made a giant “Cutie The Clown”, with extendable arms to give every club a friendship hug! Barkada is the reason why there is now a limit on prop sizes in Friendship Games! During Cute-E year’s Friendship Games, they performed the Cupid Shuffle but they called it the Cute-E Shuffle because of their board name. ‘Til this day, they still call themselves Cuties and pose with their signature “love goggles” whenever they take photos at get-togethers.

Anne believes that all members should participate in PACN because it is a fantastic opportunity to get to learn about Filipino American culture. Participating in PACN also helps members learn how to prioritize and plan their schedule. Likewise, it builds close relationships and everlasting memories. She knew how important building relationships were in college as they became her network in the future. The Barkada people who she still hangs out with today have been huge influences in her life.

Bowling was big for Barkada back then. Anne was on the underdog team that won the Bowling Championship at Sportsfest 2010! Barkada even participated in the fundraiser known as Bowl for Gawad Kalinga (Bowl for GK). It was a bowling tournament that was held throughout California and helped fundraise money to build homes in the Philippines. Another fun memory, back then, there was a boba place known as Dollar Drink (near Mt. SAC) that used to serve ONE DOLLAR boba milk tea! Anne remembers always going there with her friends and making boba food runs for PACN practices.

Anne learned a lot of useful skills during her time on E-Board. She used her organization and event planning skills to plan her wedding and several get-togethers with Barkada friends. These skills also helped her when she went to SDSU to obtain her masters degree in special education. Barkada helped her understand how to work with different personality styles and how to prioritize her time.

Barkada has helped shape Anne into the person she is today. She’s thankful to have found a community that she can thrive in and be comfortable in. She even met her husband because of Barkada! They were dating for almost 10 years before Greg proposed in 2016. They took their engagement photos at the place where they first met, the music building on campus, and even crashed one of Barkada’s tinikling practices to borrow the bamboo sticks as photo props! Their wedding party consisted of people from Barkada and Chi Rho Omicron - Erin Manalo-Pedro (Cute-E President), Johanna (Posadas) Wong (Cute-E Social Chair), Jaimie Carlos (Cute-E External Affairs), and Froilan Santos (Cute-E Sports Chair). The whole San Diego wedding was like a crazy shenanigans weekend getaway reunion for Barkada and XPO friends...emphasis on “crazy shenanigans”!

In the future, she hopes to see Barkada having more alumni involvement. It would be cool to see new members network with older alumni, not just the newer alumni. This would be a great opportunity for Barkada members to network, gain mentorship, and collaborate.

If Anne could say one thing for the members right now, she said, “Always continue to grow in all aspects of your life. Learn to take risks, opportunities, and get out of your comfort zone. Take pride in being a Filipinx American and use your gifts to uplift others, as well as surrounding yourself with friends that uplift you.”

Anne would like to give a shoutout to her husband, Greg, her adings - Johanna, RJ, and Courtney, Cuties, Babies, the V’s, and her A-Board!

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