Hello Barkada it’s KAA SZN!! Come out to KAA Mixer to mingle with your Kuya/Ate/Adings or potentially your future Kuya/Ate/Adings.

KAA forms are due 2/22/19 @ 10:00pm:
Disclaimer: Signing this form means that you are signing up to be the Kuya or Ate to ANY of the ading who apply and vice versa. NO PAIRINGS WILL BE GUARANTEED.
If you haven’t filled out the KAA form yet, its here:
For any other questions Contact
King Saba on Facebook or any other E-board member

Hope to see you all there!!:D


BID BID BID! It is that time again for Auction! Bring your wallets as E-Board auctions off different packages that diverse from Disneyland tickets to concerts, to actual board dates! Packages can vary from prices, so be prepared to bring what it takes to win!

We will also be doing Dollar Dares! Dollar dares are dares that are custom made dares done by the AUDIENCE itself, and board members from both Executive and Internship Board are forced to do it, if they cannot beat the audience price. Come through, and see what gross stuff board will do!

Carpools at Old Structure 2A @6:00PM and 6:30PM

Bring money and Venmo for dollar dares and food!

You must have 50% down payment for any auctions you purchase on the day of. We take cash and Venmo @cppbarkada

For any questions contact
CPP Barkada E-Board

Hope to see you all there!!


Our first Gen of the season is also our PACN orientation! Find our our coordinators for the PACN, including the dances, story, the leads and when PACN is going to be! It will be on January 23rd ,6-9pm at BSC Orion.

Tv Tapings

Hello Barkada!!!
Want to hang out with Barkada over the summer? Do you want a new car? $5000? A vacation? If you said yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Come join Barkada as we participate in the show Let’s Make A Deal! When you are chosen to participate in this game show, you have the opportunity to treat yourself to money, a trip to Hawaii, or a new car! Invite your friends and family as well! There is one catch though… They have to be 18 and older sorry youngsters.

There is another catch. This one is fun! It is REQUIRED that you dress up in your most creative costumes. Some audience members have dressed like cupid, wore morphsuits, or just wore their onesie. Be creative and don’t worry about looking dumb! Remember, the audience is filled with adults (who may be lawyers or doctors) dressed like grapes and other crazy stuff.

– DO NOT wear costumes with recognizable cartoon, television, movie, or other copyrighted characters
-You can cosplay, but you can’t wear their face on your costume. For example, some people have dressed up like Link from Legend of Zelda or as a Yu-Gi-Oh character!
– DO NOT include any items that have designer names,corporate or sports team names or logos, copyrighted images, celebrity names or images (living or deceased), cartoon character images.
– Also, please note that anything covering the face (masks, face paint, etc.) WILL NOT be allowed. If you do wear such clothing, and are selected to be a contestant, you may be required to remove it, turn it inside out, or put on additional clothing to cover it.
The show is at the San Fernando Valley and provides free parking. Carpools will be the the Cal Poly Pomona vicinity starting at 7:00 am. Bring money and snacks just in case you get hungry! Bring a valid photo id (passport, driver’s license, California id, etc)

For any further information, questions or concerns contact
Justin Angeles through email: secretary@cppbarkada.org or through phone number:3109129101


Hey SCPASA! Water you doing on August 25th? Hopefully we’ll get to see you at our Annual SCPASA Beach Day: Hang with S-SEA-PASA at Huntington State Beach! Tis the sea-sun for perfect beach weather & good company . More info and details coming soon, so be sure to stay updated on this event page, as well as our Instagram! (If you aren’t already following it, follow us at @scpasa )

Our event will be the same time as Cal Poly Pomona Barkada’s SUMMER LUAU Event! Be sure to come out and support your fellow organization
This will be a POTLUCK EVENT, so we request that each organization attending to bring food that can accommodate 10-15 people! Also don’t forget to bring recyclable bottles/cans for easier clean up. Let’s keep our beaches clean, y’all

Questions? Contact:
Kamille Magante – 714 497 6026
Angie Ubaldo – 323 337 6012