Our first Gen of the season is also our PACN orientation! Find our our coordinators for the PACN, including the dances, story, the leads and when PACN is going to be! It will be on January 23rd ,6-9pm at BSC Orion. Read More
Tv Tapings
Hello Barkada!!! Want to hang out with Barkada over the summer? Do you want a new car? $5000? A vacation? If you said yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place! Come join Barkada as we participate in the show Let's Make A Deal! When you are chosen to participate in... Read More
Hey SCPASA! Water you doing on August 25th? Hopefully we’ll get to see you at our Annual SCPASA Beach Day: Hang with S-SEA-PASA at Huntington State Beach! Tis the sea-sun for perfect beach weather & good company . More info and details coming soon, so be sure to stay updated on this event page, as... Read More
Events Calendar Up and Running
Hey Barkada! Feel free to check out our new Barkada Events calendar on the right side of the home page. The majority of the dates are set as of right now but please keep in mind that dates are subject to change. As the executive board updates their calendar, this website calendar will be updated... Read More
Kuya/Ate/Ading Reveal
  Kuya/Ate/Ading Reveal last week paired the new Legac-E class with their kuyas or ates. The anxious adings waited patiently on the APISC lawn to find out who would be their  Kuya or Ate. They have been waiting over three weeks for the surprise to be revealed to them. Some even spent hours going through... Read More