About Barkada

Barkada was founded in the 1980s but it is more than just a group of friends, it means family. Our founders have exclaimed that Barkada to them is a friend that you would support through thick and thin, a friend that you would fight for, and a friend that you would risk your life for. Barkada is a home away from home. It is an all-inclusive safe environment where you can create long lasting memories. Barkada’s aim is to promote the recognition and better understanding of the Pilipino culture at California State Polytechnic University of Pomona campus and the surrounding community. The organization is made up of Filipinos and ethnicities from all over the world and promotes the exchange of other ideas of all national backgrounds. Barkada stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and condemns any form of xenophobia, racism, microaggression, and hate towards any community. Barkada will use its platform to spread the awareness of injustice that has existed and continues to exist.

Barkada will promote the safety and well-being of its members especially in this COVID-19 pandemic and uphold all safety regulations presented by the World Health Organization.