About Us


What is Barkada?

Barkada in Tagalog means “a group of friends.” We are a group of friends whose aim is to promote the recognition and understanding of the Pilipino culture at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and our surrounding community.

What does Barkada do?

We intend to achieve our aim through:

– Promoting the Pilipino Culture through various media

– Social interaction among members, the campus community, other educational institutions, and the community at large

– The encouragement of achievement in academics

– Athletic participation in the Cal Poly campus and wherever the challenge arises

– Exchanges of ideas with people of all national backgrounds

The Four Pillars

Barkada as a club is founded upon four pillars. These pillars take shape in various forms within the club and it’s members, from group events to individual actions. These four pillars are: